of used electronic materials

About us

Etero Metal (Pvt) Ltd covers the entire range of recycling used electric boards and auto parts. We cater for commercial and industrial consumers. Our services include collection, containing, sorting, shredding of electronic material that has been used in order to maximize material capacitance.

Our vision

Our Vision is crystal clear: we want to be recognized as the standard and top quality export company whose services will be acceptable anywhere in Zimbabwe and even all around the globe. We will do well to achieve this vision by doing all well within our capability and permissible under the laws of Zimbabwe.


Farai Nyakurerwa


Farai Nyakurerwa, a Business major in Management, assumed his role as Director of the company in March 2021. He has vast experience in Operations, Productivity Capacitation and Policy
Implementation. He holds strong on Business growth opportunities and performance maximisation.

His profile spans over six years’ practical experience and he plays an integral role in fulfilling the company’s vision of being a well-recognized and renowned exporter. He has set himself up to servicing relevant industrial and international markets in Zimbabwe, Africa and abroad.

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Thabani Ndhlovu


Thabani Ndhlovu, a business major in Business Management and Administration assumed his
position as Director in September 2021. He possesses professional business acumen in a multiplicity of roles including Executive Business Leadership, Strategic Management and Financial aptitude.

He has seven-years’ combined experience and trail in leadership and management. He believes leaders should be driven by the passion to meet shareholders interest and expectations as the standard indicator for top-quality performance bar not just in Zimbabwe only, but also in multinational
corporations, globally.

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Our Mission is to become well-recognized exporters that fulfil our services to relevant industries, to help them minimize costs and energy.

Our values

Customer Care


Environmental Sustainability

Service Delivery

Products & Services


We handle Electronic waste, E-waste or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), which is a waste type consisting of any broken, end-of-life or unwanted electrical or electronic appliance. Electronic waste is a valuable source of secondary raw materials when treated properly.

Autoparts and Electronic waste include computers, computer components, entertainment electronics, mobile phones, other hand-held devices, as well as electronic devices such as audio-visual components (televisions, VCRs, stereo equipment) and other items that have been discarded by their original users.

Catalytic converters

Catalytic converters contain precious metals, that can be extracted when properly recycled. Otherwise, they end up in the ever-growing landfill which creates an opportunity for little particles to escape the converters and pollute the waters. Extracting these precious metals from the ground causes pollution, ground disruption and makes the metal very costly. By following the scrap metal recycling process for catalytic converters, the accumulation of waste can be prevented.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizational Culture

We at Etero Metal have a strong culture of being heavily involved with the community, social support, and responsibility programs. These include various donations to welfare centers, children’s nurseries, homes, and orphanages. Giving back to local families, some less privileged as part of the charity-driven projects that we have included in our mandate.
Christmas donations for families in need
Donation program at Young Africa


One of our organizational goals is to be socially active and to have an impactful imprint on the lives of people in the community with the ambition to further express inclusivity. Our goal is to provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those having physical or intellectual disabilities.

Environmental Awareness

In adherence to the theme of environmental awareness, we participate in Clean up campaigns, i.e. ‘‘We clean Harare’’ where we participate with the President of Zimbabwe, his excellency ED Mnangagwa’s initiative of observing National Environment Cleaning Day held on the first Friday of every month. We strongly believe in giving back to the community.

“We clean Harare” campaign at Africa Unit Square, Harare
Donation program at Crystal Nursery Pre-School, Highlands, Harare
Charity Donation program at Jairos Jiri Home, Kadoma
Charity Donation program at Jairos Jiri Home, Kadoma

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159 Citroen Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe